Wall of Rememberance

This message is for Devorah: I was in attendance for the discussion
on combatting terrorism held at SUNY-Oswego. The murder of your son was
certainly an unfortunate and tragic event. As a mother, I cannot even imagine the pain. Through your loss, it is evident that you have taken the time to help others. Thank you for caring enough about Ari (and other children) to stand up for your beliefs. It is a testimony to your strength and courage to fight “the system” and have the shooting reclassified. I wish you the best for the future.
Laura Bartucca

Laura Bartucca < bartucca@oswego.edu>
Phelps, NY USA

My father’s best friend prosecuted Ari Halberstam’s case, but I did
not know anything about until I asked my father about the Memorial Ramp. I wish Ari Halberstam’s family the best, and am so sad for his death.

Michelle < pretty_vacant1016@yahoo.com >
College Point, Queens USA

This has really touched me – thank you for your dedication in making
America a safer place for us all.

Brynn Cantor

Thank you for giving me an appreciation for the affects terrorism can
have. i am so sorry for your loss and commend the outreach you have been doing as a result of it.

Sandra Lapper

A note to Devorah, Today you came to my salon. Today you touched me
heart. You are a truly wonderful person. I feel honoured to have met you. I hope that we will meet again. I wish you love and happiness. always, Jodie

Jodie Dousha < jodie@beautyinstyle.com.au >

I searched for this site because I began to think of the shooting as
having a possible connection with all of the other missed cues that led up to
September 11th. I had been deeply touched by the dignity of Ari’s parents during their terrible ordeal eight years ago, and now I wonder if their son had been a victim of an even greater scheme of vengance toward Jews and anyone who supports Israel. At least justice was served in Ari’s case. I send my deepest sympathies to his family.

Sheila < rsheila521@aol.com >

It is always sad to hear about Cold blooded Killing that happens to Our
fellow Yidden. Words can still not express the pain that I feel, as well as His
family both with Chabad and Bobov. We miss you Ari, May you blood still be

Cale < Coveny >
Minooka , IL. USA

Hello, this was truely a wonderful young man. It does not matter what
relgion or ethenic background we are. It is what we make of our lives. I feel
for this family. As i too have lost a child. Thank you, Lou

Camacho < lulu3972@hvc.rr.com >
New Windsor, NY USA

rememberw hen thsi happened. I said a mishebeirach for him and teh other
student every day. We used to think that it was an isolated incident and that we shouldn’t start up with the issue here in America. Now after September 11th I see things a little differently.

Cleveland USA

May Ari rest in peace. He was an early victim of terrorism in America.

Erik J Lander < islandersa@aol.com >
Brooklyn, NY USA

My eyes are full of tears as I write. Yasher Koach, Devorah, for your
inspirationally tireless work to help stamp out terrorism in all its forms. All
of us in Project C.A.R.E. support you in your efforts. Bentzion

Bentzion Meltzer < bzmeltzer@project-care.com >
Brooklyn, NY USA

This site really inspired me. I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Ari
obviously had a very special soul. Im glad i found my way here, it makes me feel so proud to be a jew!

Leah Cohen
Baltimore , MD USA